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If you are looking for malls, you should probably go elsewhere.  Eindhoven has the Heuvel Gallery in its town center, which has a few interesting stores.  On the outside is Ter Tafel, a table decorating store. Veldhoven city center, actually has a small indoor mall as well with a reasonable variety of stores and selection (if you include the stores on the outside).  The Woensel Winkel Centrum, an “outdoor” strip mall in the Woensel section of Eindhoven, at the intersection of Mongomerylaan and Winston Churchilllaan, has similar stores.  And in “Ekkersrijt” on the north side of the city (12 o’clock), just above the intersection of the A58 and Kennedylaan in Son & Breugel, you can find large furniture, hardware and lighting stores, and the Ikea.  These three areas offer the most concentrated shopping outside of the Eindhoven center, which has quite a lot of shoe and clothing stores and a few gift shops as well.



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